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MID-States Services LLC

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(660) 359-2045
2626 Oklahoma Ave
Trenton, MO 64683-1150
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(660) 359-2045
(800) 864-4013







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I moved into an area where DSL and wireless were available. DSL would give me a 3mb connection and Mid-States wireless would give me a 6mb connection in contract for the same price. I figured this was a no brainer. Before we put our house in the ground, we contacted Mid-States in order to get a site survey, the validated that where we wanted to put our house, that wireless would work. So, we got our house put in and wireless installed. The wireless connection was poor. Constant disconnects from the wireless tower. Extremely poor ping times, etc. So, I contacted them and they sent out their technician. The technician told me that the tower that he had connected me too, in his opinion, always had a poor connection, because it used the 2.4ghz spectrum and for that distance the 3.65ghz antennas on the water tower were superior. I asked him why I wasn't told this from the beginning and he told me that his employers only wanted people connecting to the water tower, if they had to. So, they had to put in more cable to connect me to the other water tower. They weren't going to charge me for the re-installation, since we could have made arrangements to have the house or have the original installation in a different location, if I had known. I tested this connection over 2 weeks, and it was better than the 2.4ghz connection, but still didn't have great ping times, had high ping jitter, and the connection speed was not up to par as advertised (3mb instead of the 6mb). Also, the connection still dropped out occasionally, which is a pain when I needed it for work. I finally decided that this wasn't going to work out and that I was going to need a solid constant connection, DSL. I informed Mid-States of my decision, stating how I appreciated how hard they worked to try and get it to work, but the wireless was not good enough. When they contacted me about my contract, they told me that they were going to charge me $250 in order to get out of my contract. I had spoken with the technician prior to the installation and he had stated that, if there had been constant documented problems that I would not have a problem getting out of my contract. So, I voiced my complaint about the cost to get out of the contract. They then said that they would only charge me $175, which would help them to break even. I informed them that I thought that it was too much, because the first installation was their fault and should not be included. I also told them that I believe that $120 would be appropriate. $50 for the correct installation (their standard installation fee when not using a contract) and $70 for the 1 month internet (their standard 6mb monthly fee for non-contract subscription) However, they would not budge. Lesson learned! And I want to share this lesson with anyone else. You may be paying out $175 or more to end your contract with Mid-States, if the service does not work well for you and/or your family


Upon moving to Gallatin, MO, I had the option of getting 3mb DSL or 6mb Wireless for the same price. I figured this was a no brainer, so before we set our house in the ground, I had them site survey our property and they determined where I would be able to get my internet connection. A little over a month later, we have the house setup and I call to get the internet setup. This all seemed to work so smoothly. They speed tested the internet and it was downloading 6mb. I thought, GREAT! However, I found out that the connection was so flaky that it would cut out constantly. I couldn't watch Netflix videos without the video needing to rebuffer constantly. I complain, they come out and try to improve the connect, without any luck. As I am talking to the technician, I find out that the access point that I am connected to has a history (according to the technician) of TERRIBLE connections. And that I really should be trying to hit the water tower, because the wireless technology being used on it is superior. So, we get the antenna moved to another location on my property (needing new CAT5 ran). I am now a guinea pig again. We test the connection out and it does work better. However, we are not getting 6mb, we are only getting 3mb. The ping times are high with a lot of jitter (really bad for a lot of online gaming). The connection just doesn't work for me. So, I will need to go with DSL. Upon telling them I am going to cancel, they tell me that I have to pay $250 in order to get out of the contract. I get a little upset about this, so they drop it down to $175, telling me that they are breaking even on the supplies used for the job (which was about 140 ft. of CAT 5, 1000ft of exterior CAT 5 costs $120). If they had been honest with me about the first access point, we never would have used half that much CAT 5, there wouldn't have been any labor for the first installation. So, I said, being generous, that $120 would be fair. $70 for the month of horrible internet and $50 for the overpriced CAT 5. They refused and now I am paying for a service that I should never have tried and regret experiencing. DO NOT MAKE MY MISTAKE. Just get Windstream DSL. The Mid-States technician bad mouthed them constantly, but I have had practically perfect service getting 3mb (not 1.5mb) usually.

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(660) 359-2242

1301 E 9th St, Trenton, MO 64683

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1600 E 9th St, Trenton, MO 64683

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2314 Oklahoma Ave, Trenton, MO 64683